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Current Courses

MATH 1850, Calculus II Course Website
MATH 1890, Elementary Linear Algebra Course Website

Technology Resources

Are you using MyMathLab or MyLabsPlus? Do you use Blackboard to record student scores or have students submit homework? Do you teach an online course? Is there a heavy computational component to your research? Then you should check out the Technology Resources webpage.

LaTeX Intro

Do you have an interest in writing mathematical documents using LaTeX here are some very very basic things to get you started. Please come ask me about anything!

Other Stuff

Here is my Doctoral Dissertation on the Anaylsis of Groups Generated by Quantum Gates [413 KB PDF] like those that arise in Quantum Computing.
To go with that is the presentation [315 KB PDF] given on the dissertation.

Here is my Masters Project putting NetBSD on an NCD HMX [385 KB PDF]

Encode/Decode text for the game "Enter the Matrix"
I'm the only one I know of who has "cracked" the encryption. Differential Cryptanalysis rules.

Analyzing a "Slashdot effect" with a simple mathematical model. (To come.)

For programing, I've done some programming to alter arpwatch and qpopper (for the better I'd say). Check it out!

I like playing non-linear video games in ways in which they were not intended to be played. Some of my discoveries can be found contained in these directories. Sequence breaking is the spice of life.

Simple MRTG tests on very different machines

GAP examples! (GAP homepage)
Permutations and the referenced program

Click Here for the DiffGeom2.0 package for Dr. Ian Anderson's recent Maple Talk
For those students who asked:
(ask the webmaster if you want these updated and put back on the main site)
Unix Help