Unix Command Syntax What does it do??
cd cd (directory) Changes directories to directory, default is your home directory
cp cp  (file)  (location) copies a  file to a location
(a "." for location means the directory you are in)
  1. dir  (directory)

  2. dir -l  (filename)
  1. same as ls  (directory)

  2. same as ls -l  (filename)
  1. kill -9  (process id)

  2. kill -1 -1
  1. kills the process with  (process id)

  2. kills all the user's  processes
  1. lpr  (filename)

  2. lpr -P(printer name) (filename)
  1. print the (filename) to the default printer
  2. print the (filename) to the (printer name) printer
  1. ls  (directory)

  2. ls -l  (file)

  3. ls -a
  1. list the main files in the current directory (default is the current directory)

  2. lists a certain file

  3. lists all the files (including hidden) in the current directory
man man  (command) gives information on  command
mkdir mkdir (directory name) creates directory
mv mv (filename) (location) moves a file to a location
passwd passwd allows you to change your password
ps ps lists your processes
rm rm  (filename) removes/deletes the  file

  1. xterm

  2. color_xterm
  1. brings up an xterm

  2. brings up an xterm with color