Important UT webpages

MyUT - submit midterm and final grades
BlackBoard - upload syllabus, student gradebook, can link to MyMathLab/MyLabsPlus. There is also a link to BlackBoard from MyUT.

IT HelpDesk

If there is a problem with your office computer, or a computer or projector in a classroom, here is who you can contact:

Syllabi and Syllabus Templates

Pearson's MyMathLab and MyLabsPlus

The difference between MyMathLab and MyLabsPlus is that MML requires students to know their CourseID, while MLP automatically registers students. The latter also integrates nicely into BlackBoard and is also a bit more expensive for students.

Basic BlackBoard Tasks

UT has a collection of guides that may help you: LINK
BlackBoard is full of little gotchas. For example, make sure that "Edit Mode" (see upper left corner) is ON to be able to make edits.

Uploading a Syllabus

The area for a syllabus (once called "Public Area") no longer exists, so first create a location for the syllabus to go.

Using the GradeBook in BlackBoard

Each of these show how to access the Grade Center in the first place, which is under "Coruse Management" on the left hand side of your course. The students will see their grades show up under the "My Grades" area.
Creating a new assignment (column): LINK You can also set the type of assignment is it (Test, Homework, Quiz) for later analysis.
Entering Grades: LINK
Creating a column which computes the average (or total) Test/Homework/Quiz/etc: LINK You also have the ability to do things such as not including the lowest assignment, and more.
Creating a weighted column, like how the overall course grade would be calculated: LINK

Adding a Student Grader into Blackboard

Written and Other Types of Homework Submitted Through BlackBoard

Rather than using email, all homework is located in one place and you can see when it was submitted.

Adding a MyMathLab or MyLabsPlus Bridge inside of BlackBoard

For MyMathLab see this link: LINK It also includes information about how to create a MML course to begin with. Also:
For MyLabsPlus:


To create a course linked to Blackboard: Adding a TA Forwarding "Ask Your Teacher" questions to your email: Applying automatic extensions with or without late penalties:

Online Courses

The department is offering many online courses. Good luck.
NOTE: For some courses there is both a synchronous component (you meet the students live) and and asynchronous component (you make prerecorded videos). See the "Recording Videos" section if this pertains to you.

Tablets and Headsets

Method for Meeting Your Students Online

The now prefered way is to use BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra, and BlackBoard Collaborate and Big Blue Button are now discontinued.
Here is the setup for BlackBoard Connect: To set it up initially: When you or a student logs wants to log in, you will access BlackBoard collaborate under "Live Online Classroom"
(Incorrect) If you wish to post recordings, links to them can be found under "Course Tools" -> "BlackBoard Collaborate" -> "Recordings". You will have to copy the links to a different content area.
Recordings will be found in the same BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra area as where your class is hosted.
If you prefer Big Blue Button it may be discontinued, try If you have questions about it let me know.

Where the Math goes for an Online Class

Both BlackBoard Collaborate and Big Blue Button have an integrated whiteboard. You can draw, erase, and go to a new page. If this is good enough for you, then go this route.
A more advanced route would be to use Xournal LINK. Other instructors like using Inking in MicroSoft Word. Unlike a whiteboard, you can scroll a document which looks like a sheet of notebook paper (in Xournal) or use a prepared document (in Word). You need to share your desktop or, better yet, share only the application to the students. You can also save these notes as a PDF and post them.
PowerPoint presentations and more can also be given online. Start the application up first and have it ready to go, then use application sharing.

Recording Videos

Your course may require an asynchronous component for delivering classroom content as a prerecorded video. Also, BlackBoard Collaborate can allow you to record your courses as you give them, and you can post these recordings later.

Echo360 for recording your own videos

Blackboard Collaborate Recordings of Classes

On the lower left panel expand "Course Tools" and select "BlackBoard Collaborate". Under the first box (the main course) select "Edit Room" and enable recordings. It is a good idea to let the student names be hidden.
If you wish to post recordings, links to them can be found under "Course Tools" -> "BlackBoard Collaborate" -> "Recordings". You will have to copy the links to a different content area. The links are the purple icons, so right click and select "Copy Link".


In BlackBoard Collaborate, create a quiz or survey. Implementation details to follow. In Big Blue Button, you are supposedly able to extract this information easily.

Setting your Students up to take DL Tests Elsewhere

You the instructor need to fill out this form:
Give this link to your students, and put it in your syllabus:
As each test date approaches, Maureen will email you to get a copy. The copy has to be sent in 1 week before the test. After the due date, the tests will be scanned and emailed back to you.

Even if you teach a DL class you need to talk to Shirley when you know the days for the exams so that she can get the rooms scheduled for proctored exams given at UT.

Personal Web Pages

There are two ways to set up a website. Suppose your UTAD username is zsmith12 To host it within the math department, I (or IT) would first have to create a linux account for you on euler. Your website would then be a directory (www) inside your account. Other things can be stored there too outside the www folder. There is a program which can be used to copy files to your website: WinSCP (free!) Here is a link to the portable version you can copy anywhere: It works like an FTP client. You can only edit your webpage from within UT, as access is blocked from outside unless you have VPN access set up. The other way is to set up a website on UT's hosting. It will appear under your H-drive. The setup is done this way: As an example, Dr. Stein has a webpage there:

Other Technology

Setting up Voice mail to send you an email notification on a missed call

Setup for submitting material to the Testing Center (FH 1080) using RegisterBlast