Welcome! PhD and undergraduate students

I am working with interested students on research projects of any level:
undergraduate (you may be a physics, computer or math major), M.Sc. level (math) and PhD thesis (math).
If interested, please contact me!

You may be also interested in what's happening at our students research seminar.

My PhD students at the University of Toledo

My undergraduate research students at the University of Toledo

  • Alexander Peterson (Spring 20), Software for operators acting on the algebras of densities
  • Robinson Czajkowski (Fall 19 - Spring 20), Elements of linear superalgebra and Berezinians for matrices with parity violation
  • Jacob Imre (Fall 19 - Fall 20), Factorization of differential operators
  • Daniel Liu (Fall 2017-Spring 2018), undergraduate research project, Invariants of differential operators on the algebra of densities

My undergraduate research students at SUNY New Paltz

  • Ilya Kukovitskiy (Spring 2017), Factorization of differential operators on the algebra of densities
  • Finley Hartley (Spring 2016), Geometric framescope for Darboux transformations
  • Simon Li (Fall 2015, Spring 2016), Darboux transformations and Berezinians. Our paper Differential operators on the superline, Berezinians, and Darboux transformations is published in Lett.Math.Phys., Sept. 2017 issue.
  • Gabrielle Buck (Fall 2015, Spring 2016), Orbits under Darboux transformations of type I
  • Sean Hill (Spring 2015), Analogues of Darboux transformations in Super Case. Our paper is published in Russian Mathematical Surveys Darboux transformations for differential operators on the superline
  • Dante Peluso and Michelle Parra (Fall 2014), Complex analysis in geography: the Mercator map and Moebius transformations
  • Caitlin Kennedy (Fall 2014 and Fall 2015), Flow around airfoils of special kinds
  • John Curtin, Devin Grady and Paul Lake (Spring 2014, Fall 2014), Making Latex dynamical for a mathematical game.

Research presentations of my students