UH1000C Linux Lab

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UH1000 is is a Linux based computer lab and has a number of features that the other labs do not the current capacity is 22 students + one instructor. It is tasked for small group and student based collaborative work. Please log out and leave all the laptops running, do not shut the lid.


Same as UH1000 Booking / Availability at coxeter.uhe.utoledo.edu (available on campus only)

Instructional Equipment / Software

  • Small White Board
  • Instructional Laptop with Projector
  • All student software
  • Student Software

    Operating System

  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04
  • Windows 7 Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Web Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (VM)

    Math Software:

  • Geogebra
  • Maple 16
  • Matlab R2011a
  • Minitab 16 (VM)
  • R
  • SAS 9.2 (VM)
  • TexLive 2009
  • TexMaker
  • Other:

  • python 3.0
  • Libre Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • many many more linux commands