Funda Gültepe

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, Ohio

Office: UH 3016


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo, department of Mathematics and Statistics.

I am also a proud executive director of upcoming MathCorps Toledo!! Consider donating us, joining us, and spread the word!!

Previously, I was a postdoc at the University of Luxembourg as a member of the research group of Hugo Parlier.

Between 2013-2017 I was a visiting assistant professor at UIUC where my mentors were Chris Leininger and Ilya Kapovich .
I also spent a semester (Fall 2016) at the MSRI as a postdoc, and there my mentor was Ursula Hamenstädt.

On the left you see me in one of the wonderful California redwood forests.
This semester Xiangdong Xie and I are organizing Toledo-BGSU joint seminar in Geometry and Topology .


This semester (Fall 2021) I'm teaching differential equations (Math 2860) and Topology (Math 5450)


My research is supported by NSF grant DMS-2137611.

My research interests are in intersections of low dimensional topology and geometric group theory with emphasis on the free group, outer automorphism group Out(F_n) of free group, mapping class groups and right angled Artin groups. I am also interested in computational problems related to optimization on surfaces.

Above is a two copies of an embedded torus in the universal cover of double handlebody (#_n(S^2 x S^1)), and the images of purple intersection disk under a Dehn twist along this torus. The middle picture is after twisting once, the last picture is the image after twisting twice.

My research papers:

  • Normal tori in #_n( S^2xS^1), Topology Appl., 160(8):953--959,2013 , also in arxiv.
  • Fully irreducible automorphisms of the free group via Dehn twisting in #_k( S^2xS^1), Algebr. Geom. Topol., 17(3): 1375--1405, 2017, updated preprint.
  • The video of this talk.
  • An arc graph distance formula for the flip graph , with Chris Leininger . Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 145(7): 3179--3184, 2017. Preprint in arxiv.
  • A combination type construction of fully irreducibles, preprint: pdf
  • A universal Cannon-Thurston map and the surviving curve complex, with Christopher J. Leininger and Witsarut Pho-on, submitted: arxiv preprint
  • Mapping class group of closed surfaces via hexagon graph, with Hugo Parlier, (in preparation)
  • Hyperbolicity and relative hyperbolicity of Aut(F_n) complexes, with Ursula Hamenstädt (in progress).

  • AMS sectional meeting, Binghamton, October 12-13, 2019 (Upcoming)
  • Conference on Outer Space, University of Bielefeld, Germany, September 2019. (Upcoming)
  • A geometric construction for the iwip automorphisms of the free group, Joint Mathematical Meeting, Baltimore, January 2019.
  • A Cannon-Thurston map for boundary for the surviving curve complex of a punctured surface, Iberoamerican Congress of Geometry, Vallodoid, Spain. January 21-24.
  • A distance formula in Out(F_n), Weihnachtsworkshop, University of Saarlandes, Germany. December 18-20, 2017.
  • A distance formula in Out(F_n), CMS winter meeting 2017, University of Waterloo. December 8-11, 2017.
  • IAS women and math program, research seminar talk, May 2017.
    Video of the talk
  • Lightning talk, Georgia Institute of Technology, December 11, 2016
  • Lightning talk, Georgia Institute of Technology, December 2015
  • GGD day, Purdue,Nov. 21 2015
  • Geometric and Probabilistic methods in group theory and dynamical systems conference, Texas A&M, College Station, November 9-12, 2015
  • Slides from the talk
  • Spring topology and Dynamics conference, Bowling Green, April 2015
  • Slides from the talk
  • Young Geometric Group theory in the Midwest Workshop,
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, November 1, 2014.
  • Essential tori and subgroups of Out(F_n) generated by twists.
  • G3 conference, South Padre Island, Texas March 21-24, 2013.
  • Essential Tori and subgroups of Out(F_n)
  • Cool down week for automorphisms of free groups, CRM, Barcelona. November 19-23, 2012.
  • Essential Tori and Dehn Twists in Outer Space
  • Redbud Topology Conference, Norman, Oklahoma November 3-4, 2012.
  • Dehn Twists in Outer Space
  • Topology Students workshop, Atlanta, Georgia June 10-15, 2012.
  • Normal spheres and Normal Tori in #_n( S^2xS^1)
  • OSU Workshop on the Torelli group, Mapping class group, and Out(Fn), Columbus, Ohio May 2-6, 2011.

  • Cannon-Thurston maps, space filling curves and boundaries of curve complexes, Colloquium, Bowling Green State University, April 2019 (INVITED)
  • Algebra Seminar, University of Toledo, November 22 and 29, 2018.
  • Differential Equations and nonlinear analysis seminar, University of Toledo. November 22 and 29, 2018.
  • Mini course: Introduction to mapping class group I \&II, ANRSoS kickstart meeting, Nancy, France. May 2-3, 2018.
  • Hyperbolic Lunch talk, University of Toronto, Canada. December 13, 2017. (INVITED)
  • Geometry and Topology seminar, University of Luxembourg. November 29, 2017.(INVITED)
  • Geometry and Topology seminar, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. November 6, 2017.(INVITED)
  • University of Toledo, Colloquium, April 2017 (INVITED)
  • Rice University topology Seminar, April 2017 (INVITED)
  • Constructing generic elements of $\Out(F_n)$. MSRI, Post-doc seminar. October 14, 2016.
  • An arc graph distance formula for the flip graph, Geometry Seminar, Indiana University Bloomington, IN, April 7, 2016 (INVITED)
  • Bogazici University , Colloquium, June 2015 (INVITED)
  • University of Oklahoma Geometry and topology seminar talk, March 2015 (INVITED)
  • UIUC Group Theory seminar talk,
  • Spring 2015. video of the talk.
  • UIUC Group Theory seminar talk,
  • Fall 2014.
  • Subgroups of Out(F_n) generated by two Dehn twist automorphisms. Brown University, January 30, 2013 (INVITED)


  • Non-profit Turkish organization aims at teaching mathematics and philosophy to students (elementary and high school as well as graduate) in a village in beautiful Aagean coast of Turkey: Nesin Mathematics Village
  • Turkish Mathematical Society
  • Association for women in mathematics
  • Association for Turkish women in mathematics

  • Math 2860 course website
    Math 1860 course website
    Math 4340-5340 course website