• 2021-2026, PI, Simons Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians, $42K.
  • 2021, London Mathematical Society, Scheme 2, $2K.
    (to visit 3 universities)
  • 2017-2020, PI, NSF geometric analysis program and RUI, $118K.
    With David Hobby
  • 2016, PI, NSF geometric analysis conferences and workshops program, $47K.
    With Emma Previato
  • 2015, London Mathematical Society, Research in pairs, $1.3K.
    With Theodore Voronov
  • 2015, London Mathematical Society, Scheme 2, $2.2K.
    (to visit 4 universities)
  • 2014, Provost Challenge Grant, $3+3K.
  • 2013, Visiting University Scholar, University of Manchester, UK, about $1K.
  • 2011, PI, Visiting University Scholar, funding a visit of a collaborator, $3K.
  • 2007-2011, PI, Symbolic and Algebraic Methods for Linear Partial Differential Operators, FWF (Austrian Science Fund), 308K euros.
    With Franz Winkler