Our seminar on Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis: we usually meet Tuesdays, 4:00 - 5:00pm in UH 4170, see details here
To speak at the seminar, contact Chunhua Shan at chunhua.shan@utoledo.edu or any of us.

Current students:

Xueliang Lu
(advisors: Ou)

Paduma Samarawickrama-Kuruppuge
(advisors: Arsie)

Chanaka Kottegoda
(advisors: Arsie and Shan)

Daniel Liu, undergraduate research
(advisors: Shemyakova)

Past students:

2014 Dr. Ramesh Karki, PhD thesis: Sobolev gradient semi-flows and applications to nonlinear problems (advisor: Arsie), now Assistant Professor at Indiana University East.

2015 Dr. Krishna Pokharel, PhD thesis: An Isospectral Flow for Complex Upper Hessenberg Matrices (advisor: Arsie), now Assistant Professor at Young Harris College.

2012 Matthew Osborne, honors thesis (advisor: Arsie), now PhD student at Ohio State University.

2012 Dr. Douglas Oliver, M.Sc. thesis: Analysis of a Pseudo-Harmonic Tubular Bell (advisor: Arsie), now at Taylor University, Indiana.