Course Info

Title: Math 2460, Calculus For Engineering Technology II

Section 001

Time: 8:15-10:05pm TR
Room: Wolfe Hall 1205
Here's the Syllabus.pdf

Office Info

Office: University Hall 3014
Office Phone: 419.530.3253 (530 FAKE)
Hours: to be determined, and by appointment
Email: dgajews SMART math DROP utoledo DROP edu

Dates for the tests:
Test 1Thursday February 25
Test 2Thursday March 25
Test 3Thursday April 22

Info for the final:
Final Exam date: Tuesday May 4, 2021 7:15 - 9:15pm

Email me to find out about and missing quizes or tests.

Helpful stuff:
Online Calculus (and more!) Videos:
Online Graphing Calculator:
Calculus Formula Guide: PDF [710K]
Polar Graph Paper LINK