Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Committees 2015-2016

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Council (4 members serve 3 years)
J. Anderson (1st), K. Fisher (3rd), K. Gibbs (2nd), G. Thompson (2nd), S. Weck-Schwarz (lecturer representative)
College Committee on Academic Personnel (1 member serves 2 years)
C. Odenthal (2nd)
Assessment Committee
J. Anderson, K. Bryant, V. Cheruvu (chair), M. Sutherland
Computer Committee
D. Gajewski (chair), K. Gibbs, R. Liu (Fall only)
Department Personnel Committee (members serve 2 years)
A. Arsie (1st), Z. Cuckovic (2nd), S. Sahutoglu (1st), G. Thompson (chair) (2nd), B. Zhang (1st)
Graduate Curriculum Committee
A. Arsie (chair), Z. Cuckovic, G. Thompson,
Graduate Student Affairs Committee
Z. Cuckovic, R. Liu, S. Sahutoglu (chair), A. Tikaradze, B. Zhang
Research and Scholarly Affairs Committe
T. Le, R. Liu, A. Tikaradze (chair), B. Zhang
Teaching Evaluation Committee
J. Anderson (chair - Fall), G. Lewis (chair - Spring), M. Sutherland
Undergraduate Majors Committee
N. Iverson, P. Karuppuchamy, I. Stein (chair)
Undergraduate Majors Curriculum Committee
N. Iverson, T. Le (chair), M. Paik
Undergraduate Service Curriculum Committee
V. Cheruvu, K. Fisher (chair), K. Gibbs, G. Lewis

Committee responsibilities and election procedures can be found in the Department Bylaws.

Current Committee Assignments

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